Wealth Path:

Wealth is meant to run deep. This Wealth Path is for Conscious Business Owners who want to live in true wealth. This is for everyone from solo entrepreneurs to corporate CEOs who want to make changes in their company and be in tune with the coming changes of a new paradigm of climate change, new more conscious business structures and who are excited by the challenges of learning how to work with a triple bottom line, because it is more satisfying.

The Purpose of the Wealth path:

1. Transition: Make the shift from the work you are currently in to doing something you feel truly aligned with that matters to you.  Learn new tools used by the most forward thinking conscious businesses who outperform the status quo models.

2. Get Intuitive: Increase your positive impact with the intuitive tools, insights and support to make change happen with surer footing.  Intuitive Business Consultations can align you with yourself, your company with your deeper purpose and your true strengths and gifts with best opportunities at leading your industry by seeing more of the coming trends and being aware of fast-forward technology projections.  Play to your strengths and prepare with agility to meet the coming future.

3. Optimize: your business for success in the era of rapid innovation & climate change. Using Frederik Laloux’s concept of the Teal Organizations from Reinventing Organizations.

4. Discover the steps: it takes to become a more conscious business operating from new paradigm practices of social responsibility and learning how to implement them. And get support to make those changes.

5. Reveal Core Strengths: Clarify your purpose and get into full alignment with your true mission and strengths in a way that differentiates you in your market.

6. Real Wealth: Wealth in our current economic structures especially at the top 1% of income in our country often have exteriorized costs and models which foster economic disparity, this creates a fake sense of wealth which is hard to enjoy because of the suffering it causes.  To create true wealth, we advocate integrating Matt Cone’s concept of The Abundance Model. Create wealth that fosters a happier  world with opportunities for all.  Wealth equals conscious profit + social responsibility + employee happiness. A triple bottom line.

7.  Legacy: Learn how to innovate and invest in creating the best culture for innovation, true abundance, regenerative ecological action, social responsibility and happiness.  This is the best way to leave a legacy for our children and future generations.

If you feel moved to take your company into the new paradigm click on the link to schedule a free 90 minute introductory session in person or by phone to discuss how I may be of assistance.

If you are meeting by Phone my number is 206-679-1298