The Love Aware Path

Love is always in action, revealing profound insight, and empowering you with greater personal responsibility. To get to the “good stuff” love requires you go into deeper and deeper levels of awareness to stay engaged with love.

Bottom line: The better you know yourself and how to connect with love within you, the better you can do in connecting to love in relationship and enjoying the journey.

You are invited to discover how you can shine and have a deeper love than what you knew was possible.  

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On the love aware path, you learn to directly access your deep blueprints for relationship and love.  When you can access this within you it is easier to let go of the stories and traumas and muck that get in the way of love.

I will show you how to go into the mysteries of love’s mirror, and you will build a space for love in your life that is so deep and beautiful and full of Joy that it ripples out into the world!

Relationship Consultation for Men and Women

Find out about the inner dynamics in your relationship. I call this love’s mirror.  Learn how your inner dynamics are creating your outer relationship for better or worse.

Get Started with a Love Aware Consultation

Book an initial 80 minute Consultation.

Let me know you want to learn about the Love Aware program.  In the consult you can tell me about your goals in love and learn about the love aware program and how it can help you.

Blessings to your relationship!
Strong Love,