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Happiness is…  Advanced Spiritual Training

No one diet works for everyone, and no one spiritual path works for everyone either.  Many people believe many things, I am not here to judge. I am here to activate those who are called to deepen their  inherent spiritual awareness.  Happiness is just not a superficial thing.  To really have happiness you have to have a strong connection to the deeper self.  To connect to the deeper self helps you access happiness.  This is the unique part of you that helps you have the deepest sense of aligned purpose and deepest self-love, so happiness comes in here.

Many people shut down the spiritual connection because of a bad experience with dogma, I invite you to re-evaluate that. I suggest, if you feel called, that you connect through direct experience in ways that help you know the divine within you.

Spiritual Training is like exercising a muscle for strength, at first their is the grumbly stage and it feels weak, frustrating and sore form strain but over time you can become strong and experience joy in the process of doing spiritual practices as well as new capabilities.  Without that connection happiness is hard because something is missing, but with the spiritual connection your life can become extraordinary.

This  Path is really about you becoming more yourself and allowing yourself to receive your unique gifts on your individual path.  As you come to know yourself, you get deeper into these gifts making you more capable to bring out what you were born to do in this life.  That is what this all about.

By choosing this program you will:spiritaware_350x429

  • Better understand who you are.
  • Begin to raise your vibration.
  • Increase your awareness of energy.
  • Begin to discover your unique spiritual gifts & how to use them.
  • Find out more clues as to your purpose in life.
  • Increase your connection to the earth.
  • Increase your connection to your inner guidance.
  • Increase the flow of light within you.
  • Increase your connection to the divine within you.
  • Get activated energetically with light to activate your life.
  • Have major breakthroughs.
  • Improve your skills with energy and spiritual awareness.
  • Gain the self-knowledge you seek to empower your service to humanity.

I Love the analogy of “The Matrix”, of “Hogwarts”, of “Dr. Charles Xaviers School for talented and gifted youngsters”, and of the “Jedi”. These are stories about making a heroes journey and about having special qualities which make us stand out and make us special.  Spiritual Seekers often are not looking for a religion as much as they are looking for a deeper connection to that deeper side of life and of the self and of community.

Ultimately happiness is about real service. As more people access their gifts and learn how to be in service to the greater “we”, we can foster conditions that allow peace and happiness for all.  It is also about something deeper than “easy” or “pleasant” but something deeply nourishing from inside of you and also sharing that. It is about having and cultivating Joy because you are fulfilling your purpose by sharing your gifts and helping others to have Joy.

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