My Reason…

The classic question I get is: “So how did you get into all this stuff?”

Short answer:

My core”Why” was that I wanted deeper love. I eventually realized I had a longing to connect with the “spirit” or the deeper self part of me as the source of love within me. Love ignited in me a desire to commit to a lifetime of learning how to connect more to this spiritual aspect of myself.  A practice I continue to maintain to this day. My spiritual training revealed I was really seeking a balance in my life as a whole to sustain the process of accepting love, of accepting myself. My quest for deeper Love then led me to study nutrition, lifestyle and happiness practices at IIN the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a health coach. Health Coach Training helped me to be balanced enough in mood and mind and body to accept the spiritual awareness that supported love.  Then I found I had energy to go into deeper love.

However, to really have space and resources for it all and to truly love my life, I had to have something else.  I craved a stronger sense of purpose a drive and conviction that I could make a difference doing something that mattered to me, that I could live a purposeful life an Extraordinary Life. I wanted to help others to have a life where there is time and space for love and to feel meaningful, to be a part of shifting things for the better in the grander scheme of life.  In this way Love led me to learn how to use my journey in health, spirit, and purpose to provide insights to others. In making many small victories over time. I learned how to help others do this holistically. It just made sense to me put everything I had into my own wellness and personal growth and I fell in love with it and I am still into it.  I eventually I added in numerous healing modalities and tools and teachings and created four programs to cover the basic foundations for a life that makes it easier to experience love.  I have lived this journey for over 20 years with many mentors to help me, and now I can help others walk a similar path and be a mentor to them.

I am here to help people who choose to live in a higher level of awareness in

health, spirit, purpose & love as the new norm in life.

Don’t worry this includes:

  • Being ok with where you are “at”.
  • Learning to grow gradually into new areas as the desire arises.
  • Being a world-changer.  Creating a ripple effect.
  • Having more fun, energy and real Joy.
  • Being a catalyst for a more caring socially responsible way of life for all on our precious planet.
  • Having a positive impact in your own unique life path.

Look around at my programs for more info.

I wish you all the best,