Bringing Light into your Wellness


(These are Life Activation Wands of some of the Lightworkers in the Austin Area.)

It has been an amazing journey moving across country from Seattle and becoming a Team Member at Activate Austin!  I feel so grateful to be a part of this team and to be a Lightworker here in service to the Austin Community and beyond.   The community forming here is very special!

I personally “get” numerous ways that Lightwork upgrades the effectiveness of my nutrition and overall health, but I realize many of you may not know how it helps.

This is for you…

Over the last few weeks I have been pondering  how Lightwork can boost the effectiveness of wellness practices like nutrition and holistic health coaching. (and vise-versa) Here is what I came up with:

How Does Lightwork Help Your Coaching or Wellness Practice?

  • Lightwork clears blockages on the deepest level which impact the functioning of the body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit.   This can make your body capable of functioning better and responding better to any wellness practice that you choose.  This supports the cleansing and healing process by adding in energies that work with the natural healing process but also include a whole range of options that most of us did not know were natural or options!
  • Lightwork Deepens your insights and enhances your senses.
    • As a practitioner of lightwork  it makes you more capable of delivering your wellness services with greater effectiveness and a much wider set of insights to see clearly and serve your clients needs.
      • It makes more Light flow through you clearing your own blockages to healing.
      • Clarity happens on multiple levels which increases over time.
      • Giving Lightwork also gives you healing in giving it.
    • As a client receiving Lightwork as well as Wellness Services, Lightwork can also enhance the clients senses and clarity on many levels and that sensory boost has benefits which improve wellness practices.
    • Now we do not want to mix these things in the same session (Lightwork sessions are great just how they are and have been perfected over thousands of years)  but having both lightwork and wellness in your Health Care Plan is a great idea Because Lightwork increases clarity in the body in multiple ways that improves wellness modality effectiveness.
      • With Physical Clarity- this means better proprioception and general increase of “body awareness”.
      • With Emotional Clarity- This means becoming more whole and becoming more accepting and compassionate with yourself and others as well as having better emotional boundaries.
      • With Mental Clarity- this means better insights and therefore also better choices ,
      • With Deeper Self Clarity- This means better connection to accurate inner guidance from the real you.  This also means the joy of feeling the connection to the part of you that is boundless and unbreakable.
      • Just think of how much MORE effective massage or nutrition is when coupled with Lightwork that is producing effects like this!

SO…. I hope you “get it” This is just a very short list of benefits!  If you have not added Lightwork to your “must have” list to augment your wellness and health you are really missing out!

Come see me for a free initial consult to learn more  

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As I have been a wellness practitioner and a lightworker for over 10 years now and I really see the practical benefits of having both…

I invite you to bring Light into your Wellness! 

-For all you Holistic Health Coaches (and other wellness practitioners) and for all your clients-  I hope you can now begin to see how powerful this combo is! drop in with me for a consult around how you can add some Lightwork to what you do.

-For all you Lightworkers, I invite you to get together with me around some Holistic Health Coaching and wellness practices that your Lightwork can boost and give you more solid energy and reduced stress to help you make a difference and set something up that works in your busy schedule.

To your Health, Wholeness and Wisdom,


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Moving Time


Moving from rainy Seattle, Washington to sunny Austin, Texas!

I will have to start getting used to saying “Y’all” now, being able to eat at a gluten free dairy free ice-cream shop (like that is all they serve at that shop), and getting my dose of Vitamin D from the actual sun.

Worldbridger Wellness is now going to be offering Holistic Health Coaching and Mentorship for Innovators in Austin, Texas.  The transition is currently underway.

I will still be offering my coaching programs to Seattle people by phone/ facetime and returning to the Emerald City to do teaching intensives, sessions and a little social time.   I am packing today and getting ready for the move. To My Seattle People:  Don’t Panic.   Stay calm and think of all the Texas jokes you can use on me when I visit.  (or when you visit!)  🙂  I will stay in touch in all the usual places.

Sunshine here I come!

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