Carri Munn

“David’s work and his words are powerful. I appreciate his unique ability to speak in clear, tangible ways when describing energetic concepts and sharing guidance. Talking to people about their spiritual path is sensitive and exhilirating. David gently balances his enthusiasm and support while never for a moment letting go of the reality that it’s your life and your work to do.

The gemstone necklace David made for me four months ago has been a source of great stability and focus for me. The intentions I set for my personal and professional life were ambitious. I’m making noticeable progress. I feel confident, grounded, and clear as well as more attuned and sensitive. The simple practice of wearing the necklace and cleaning it each week has created a caring respect for my intention and the intelligence of the stones. I’d love for all my friends to have such a powerful tool to support them on their own paths.

I’m very grateful for our work together and look forward to more.


Carri Munn

consultant, causeit inc.

real-life coaching, consulting, and branding