Matt Cone

I have just finished a pretty remarkable 3 month process with a new teacher/mentor in Seattle named  David Tejeda. We met twice a week, working on all kinds of new experiences with the goal of getting closer to my true self. It’s been challenging, fascinating and in the end very rewarding.

Prior to this work, in July, I found myself in a rut. My energy was pretty low, I was wandering from familiar stop to familiar stop without a lot of direction. It was as if I was painting my house blindfolded, I was doing things, but was not having an appreciation for the work as I couldn’t see where it was going or what it looked like at the present. I was experiencing long periods of fog, sitting in silence, with a fog around me and no energy to move it. I had reached a plateau in my inward practice and was uncertain where to go. As well, I had developed a very annoying energetic twitch in my right cheek that had me self conscious being around others. It was all very strange.

Well, as the saying goes “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. Through someone very dear to me, I was introduced to David as a “life coach with very unusual talents”. After the first meeting with him, in July, I knew it was a perfect fit and organized my summer to land in Seattle and go deeper with this work. David taught me many new tools for moving energy, integrating emotions, truly feeling the sensations in my body and in the end seeing how this work can bring me closer to my true self. I have a stronger sense of my purpose here on this planet and what I came here to experience. Through this I was also introduced to the Modern Mystery School and was initiated into the lineage in September.

Today I find myself full of a new kind of energy and awareness that is both amazing and mind blowing due to its potential of where this all can lead. The highlights of what I feel now are: intense gratitude for the work, inspiration to walk this path every day, to continue to develop the dialogue with my higher self, to laugh, and cry and fully integrate all of me.

I have just packed my bags up after having had a stable home for the last 2 months in Seattle. I am heading to Toronto for a one week course in Energetic Healing with the Modern Mystery School, and then I will head to Bali for 2 months to begin work with a new teacher. The subject will be tantric healing. I am very excited about the road ahead.

AND….To those who have sat with me and smiled through my face twitching, I am very happy to announce that it is gone!

With love and gratitude…